June 21, 2017

What are the selection of various parameters of carbide saw blades?

Forcarbidesaw blades,to carry out the reasonable selection and collocation in order to better play its advantages,there is a very simple truth, saw blade tungsten carbidesaw blade manufacturing enterprises can not do so many specifications,according to the optimization principle and according to the current wood processing enterprises in the equipment, materials and other specific factors which currently used for tungsten carbidesaw blade the series of specifications.This will not only help us choose carbide saw blades,but also be beneficial to large-scale production of alloy saw blades manufacturers.

In general, sawing particleboard, MDF should be around teeth, sawing plywood, fireproof board generally choose ladder tooth (flat teeth, tooth combination).

Because the computer saws sawing rate,carbide saw blade diameter and thickness of the relatively large, about 350-450mm in diameter, 4.0-4.8mm in thickness, most of the ladder tooth, in order to reduce the edge collapse.

Sawing wood alloy saw blade, usually with inclined teeth around a, because this combination angle can be sharp, wood fiber cut, smooth incision.For the groove to maintain the bottom of the groove, you must use flat teeth, or use the left and right flat combination teeth.

Then, how do you grind thetungsten carbidecircular saw blades? Analysis of several important factors affecting the finish of the alloy saw blade.After reading this technical literature, remember the following 6 techniques, you can also wear a good saw blade.

Device saw blade

The first measurement of outer diameter of saw blade and the center hole, selected centering washers, then the blade mounted to the blade seat, then the knurled nuts saw seat lock, and then relax the blade seat locking screws, and move the saw blade base, the size of the outer diameter of the saw blade and the saw blade base scale corresponding alignment, then screw locking. If the blade has broken teeth or tooth, must use the guide disc. In general, using a relatively easy grinding grinding, should as far as possible the use of guide plate.

Rotation adjustment of circular saw blade

If the blade rotation without proper tightness, the forward displacement of the saw blade will not be allowed, so when the blade is installed in the left hand, the counterclockwise rotation of circular saw blades, the rotation of the elastic elastic,if improper,with M17 open wrench adjustment nut, the blade rotation of the elastic proper.The principle of tightness, in order to eliminate the inertia of the saw wheel rotation and the impact of the grinding wheel, can not be too tight.

Saw thickness adjustment

The center of the grinding wheel and the thickness of the saw blade should be in a straight line so that the grinding of the serration can be averaged up and down.

Cutting angle adjustment

Since the material to be cut is often changed, the appropriate cutting angle shall be selected according to the material of the cutting material. The method of adjusting the cutting angle is to loosen the clamping block screws first, then rotate the carbide saw blades seat base to the desired cutting angle, and then lock the clamping seat screws.

Tooth profile transformation

Generally, there are two kinds of teeth, one is triangular teeth, the other two are curvilinear teeth, and the teeth should be decided before grinding. Change the gear type should be in the machine running, with L plate hand change type change button, select the type of teeth to be grinding.

High-low tooth difference

Before grinding, you should decide whether to grind the high and low teeth. If you want to grind the high and low teeth, adjust the high and low gear adjustment lever to the required scale.

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