June 28, 2017

Carbide cutting tools are not widely used in production

The hard turning has been carried out by using carbide cutting tools. After more than ten years' development and popularization, this technology has gained great economic and social benefits. In the following, taking roll processing and other industries as an example, the application of superhard cutting tools in production is illustrated. Many large enterprises have used roll superhard tool of chilled cast iron and hardened steel roll and other types of vehicles, shortage of machining and fine turning, achieved good benefits:the average processing efficiency is improved from 2 to 6 times, saving processing time and power from 50% to 80%. Such as the Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation HS60 to roll factory on the hardness of chilled cast iron roll rough turning, 80 semi refined car when the cutting speed is increased by 3 times, each car 1 rolls, saving power, labor costs more than 400 yuan,saving tool costs nearly one hundred yuan, achieved tremendous economic benefits. I like school with FD22 metal ceramic cutting tool HRC58 ~ 63 86CrMoV7 hardened steel roller (Vc=60m/min, f=0.2mm/r, ap=0.8mm), single blade continuous cutting roller path up to 15000m (tool flank wear width VBmax=0.2mm belt), to meet the requirements of the car instead of grinding.

At present, 70% - 80% of super - hard cutting tools have been used in domestic slurry pump factories. Slurry pump is widely used in mines, power and other industries. It is an urgent need at home and abroad, and its sheath and cover plate are HRC63 - 67 Cr15Mo3 high - hardness iron castings. In the past, it was difficult to make this material because of various cutting tools. Therefore, the process of annealing, softening,roughing, and then quenching must be adopted. After the use of ultra hard tools, a successful hardening has been achieved,eliminating annealing and quenching 2 processes, saving a lot of hours and power.

In automobile and tractor industry in the crankshaft, cam shaft, drive shaft processing, processing and maintenance tools, measuring equipment, processing problems often encountered hardened workpiece. If a vehicle factory in China, in the maintenance of the equipment required to process the bearing inner ring, the inner ring of the bearing (GCr15 steel) the hardness is HRC60, the inner diameter is f285mm, the grinding process, the grinding allowance is not uniform,2h can wear; and with super hard tools, only use 45min processing an inner ring.

After years of research and exploration,China has made great progress in carbide cutting tools, but the application of superhard cutting tools is still not widespread. The main reasons are as follows: production enterprises and operators do not know enough about the effect of using hard tools to make hard turning. It is generally believed that hard materials can only be grinded, and that the tool cost is too high. The first hard cutting tool cost than ordinary carbide cutting tools (such as high PCBN hard alloy is more than 10 times more expensive than ordinary), but its share in each part than the cost of grinding is low, and the benefits are much better than ordinary hard alloy;not enough research on the machining mechanism of superhard cutting tool;superhard cutting tool processing specification is not enough to guide the production practice.

Therefore, in addition to in-depth study on the machining mechanism of carbide cutting tools,we must also strengthen the training, the successful experience of demonstration of superhard cutting tool machining knowledge and strict operation regulations, the processing method of the high efficient, clean and more applied to actual production.

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June 22, 2017

The reasons why carbide saw blades are poor quality in China

China is the largest country in the world for carbide saw blades production,whereas saw declines in the prices, so many manufacturers because of low profits and discontinued collapse, while the foreign blade is quietly nearly 100 times the price to enter the market and sold well China.In my opinion, there are two reasons for the poor quality of China carbide saw blades.

Welding is very serious

We have investigated most manufacturers of tusngten carbide saw blades in China and found that the manufacturers of Chinese saw blades are trying hard to improve the quality of their products. The most noteworthy is the low quality China saw more than 80% manufacturers of the main problems in welding and plate, I have received the test sent over a domestic company, in a completely new circumstances, actually have a 30MM crack plate, if the blade is as high as 3000~8000 speed, completely may appear surprising results, not to mention what a good cutting effect: Welding fastness low, alloy brittle, alloy from oxidation, solder joints and other undesirable phenomena (welding method China above saw manufacture factory is currently using 80% current welding).

Another reason is that the Chinese people's own grinding machine is not accurate enough.

Chinese why companies do not want to buy imported advanced automatic welding equipment and grinding equipment? We found in China carbide saw blades mainly in the production of a large number of low cost advantages, mainly rely on exports to make operating companies in foreign countries are used in most low-end industries, most of its profits to foreign enterprises to earn. In order to change the quality of products, some enterprises in China have to sacrifice large amounts of money to buy fully automatic high-frequency welding equipment.Among them,5% of the enterprises have purchased fully automatic high-frequency welding equipment imported from Germany, and 5% of them have purchased fully automatic welding equipment in japan. The companies that bought fully automated equipment bought equipment and found that millions of dollars were not exported to foreign countries.The reason is that the quality of the imported high frequency welding equipment has been improved, but the output has not been improved, and the original advantages of Chinese enterprises have been lost. Coupled with the depreciation of machinery and export transportation costs after the product cost is very expensive, and overseas local production of alloy saw prices equally matched. Then, with China's manual high-frequency welding equipment, the same minimum cost, can produce more than 35 times the output of the saw blade. Obviously, China's products will soon dominate the market in the world. The Chinese don't have to spend a lot of money to buy foreign saw blades. For example, investing in a fully automatic high frequency welding equipment imported from abroad requires 700 thousand RMB, with a production capacity of 1200 sawtooth / h.Invest 700 thousand RMB to buy manual high-frequency welding equipment produced in China, the minimum output can also reach 42000 sawtooth / hour.

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June 21, 2017

What are the selection of various parameters of carbide saw blades?

Forcarbidesaw blades,to carry out the reasonable selection and collocation in order to better play its advantages,there is a very simple truth, saw blade tungsten carbidesaw blade manufacturing enterprises can not do so many specifications,according to the optimization principle and according to the current wood processing enterprises in the equipment, materials and other specific factors which currently used for tungsten carbidesaw blade the series of specifications.This will not only help us choose carbide saw blades,but also be beneficial to large-scale production of alloy saw blades manufacturers.

In general, sawing particleboard, MDF should be around teeth, sawing plywood, fireproof board generally choose ladder tooth (flat teeth, tooth combination).

Because the computer saws sawing rate,carbide saw blade diameter and thickness of the relatively large, about 350-450mm in diameter, 4.0-4.8mm in thickness, most of the ladder tooth, in order to reduce the edge collapse.

Sawing wood alloy saw blade, usually with inclined teeth around a, because this combination angle can be sharp, wood fiber cut, smooth incision.For the groove to maintain the bottom of the groove, you must use flat teeth, or use the left and right flat combination teeth.

Then, how do you grind thetungsten carbidecircular saw blades? Analysis of several important factors affecting the finish of the alloy saw blade.After reading this technical literature, remember the following 6 techniques, you can also wear a good saw blade.

Device saw blade

The first measurement of outer diameter of saw blade and the center hole, selected centering washers, then the blade mounted to the blade seat, then the knurled nuts saw seat lock, and then relax the blade seat locking screws, and move the saw blade base, the size of the outer diameter of the saw blade and the saw blade base scale corresponding alignment, then screw locking. If the blade has broken teeth or tooth, must use the guide disc. In general, using a relatively easy grinding grinding, should as far as possible the use of guide plate.

Rotation adjustment of circular saw blade

If the blade rotation without proper tightness, the forward displacement of the saw blade will not be allowed, so when the blade is installed in the left hand, the counterclockwise rotation of circular saw blades, the rotation of the elastic elastic,if improper,with M17 open wrench adjustment nut, the blade rotation of the elastic proper.The principle of tightness, in order to eliminate the inertia of the saw wheel rotation and the impact of the grinding wheel, can not be too tight.

Saw thickness adjustment

The center of the grinding wheel and the thickness of the saw blade should be in a straight line so that the grinding of the serration can be averaged up and down.

Cutting angle adjustment

Since the material to be cut is often changed, the appropriate cutting angle shall be selected according to the material of the cutting material. The method of adjusting the cutting angle is to loosen the clamping block screws first, then rotate the carbide saw blades seat base to the desired cutting angle, and then lock the clamping seat screws.

Tooth profile transformation

Generally, there are two kinds of teeth, one is triangular teeth, the other two are curvilinear teeth, and the teeth should be decided before grinding. Change the gear type should be in the machine running, with L plate hand change type change button, select the type of teeth to be grinding.

High-low tooth difference

Before grinding, you should decide whether to grind the high and low teeth. If you want to grind the high and low teeth, adjust the high and low gear adjustment lever to the required scale.

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June 14, 2017

The age of tungsten carbide drill bits is forthcoming

In the late 1980s, the main part of the drill used in all walks of life was a roll bit and a high speed steel drill.Of course, there are companies that are working on the "tungsten carbide drill bits". There was already a hard alloy bit on the market, but for technical reasons, it was limited to a large diameter bit. At that time, we have already foreseen the carbide path bit time must come, so only in a count of primary production is started development work in the corner. First, in order to make the drill bit, it must not be solder, it must be the integral bit. But, at that time, a lot of data need to manually calculate, for example, the ideal of groove shape design, shape of cutting edge design, etc., failure and repeated the test. In other words, it is now very common on the premise of data and the simulation of product development, at the time it is impossible, only by technical personnel's experience and feelings. After several years of development, the first bit of the "ZET1 bit" was born in 1987.

The quality of the carbide bit is good

It is important to note that, by the quality of tungsten carbide drill bits type and stratigraphic lithology, to speed up drilling speed and improve the single bit footage plays an important role. Drill more than a mouthful of oil and gas Wells typically use different size of the drill, the drill and the diameter of upper strata to use the drill bit, by bit drilling soft stratum, single bit footage, use the more time is short, a bit general reusable several Wells; In the lower strata of the drill, the smaller bit is used for the drill, and the drill is usually used with a bit of drill. The drill footage of a new drill bit depends mainly on the size of the drill, the type of the drill, the hardness of the formation and the fit of the drilling parameters. Generally speaking, the smaller the bit, the harder the ground, the less the footage. The larger the bit, the softer the ground, the more the drill bit.

At the time, about 70 percent of the market's customers were still using high speed steel drills, but we had confidence in the overall bit "ZET1 bit". Compared with the previous product, its processing efficiency is improved 5 times longer life expectancy, tools to 10 times, scraps discharge stability, excellent processing performance, can achieve a qualitative leap. However, the reality is the opposite of expectation, and the sales situation is not optimistic, for one reason is the price. Compared with the high speed steel drill, the price is about 30 times the price, and the product, which used to cost just 500 yen, now costs 15, 000 yen. Although the cost of each hole will eventually decline, and also can improve production efficiency, but the price is hard to let the customer accept the advantage of carbide bits  as a whole. Another reason is that the method and methods of using the whole drill are not known and must be trained from scratch. At that time, the introduction to use of the overall tungsten carbide drill bits no pause of machine tools, there are few customers and machine tool manufacturers also help us to use a method to the customer together. Many reported that some customers to use the method of high speed steel drill bit to use cemented carbide drill whole, result the collapse edge, so we to each customer to provide the detailed information. In addition, unlike the high speed steel bit, the drill is not considered to be ground again, so the combination of hard alloy tools also needs to be taught to the customer. The sales activities very to spend time with knowledge, but through these practical activities, finally will "ZET1 bit" in the auto industry as the center of the spread between the masses of customers. In retrospect, after the hard, finally won the customers for our understanding of the product advantages and praise, this kind of achievement feeling now I remember.

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June 09, 2017

The influence of material of wire drawing dies on the length of sizing tape

In order to form a lubricating coating thicker in the surface of steel wire, lubrication cone surface does not need to be polished, in order to increase lubrication pressure, work cone is crucial part of the core structure, forming wire surface lubrication layer and plastic deformation in this area, working efficiency of wire drawing dies also depends on the geometry and work cone area, it must ensure that the work cone angle of the machining accuracy and surface finish.The work should be processed into linear cone type,the surface shall not have arc transition or smooth transition, and the work cone angle and sizing zone should be kept in the same axis, die diameter and die diameter should be concentric,so that can prevent elliptic phenomenon in wire drawing. The sizing effect is to control the wire diameter, roundness, parameters of flatness and surface quality.

In order to ensure product quality, sizing surface needs to be polished, and the sizing and cone and outlet cone interface remain parallel to each other, and strictly control the sizing tolerance. The sizing length is decided by drawing materials and mold materials, but is mainly determined by drawing materials. In general, the high carbon steel, the bearing length is about 25% of the diameter of a 35%, for soft materials (copper), sizing zone length is generally 50% of the diameter of a 100%.

In addition towire drawing diesmaterials on the sizing zone length will also have a certain impact, the friction coefficient is relatively large, the sizing can be a little shorter; the friction coefficient is small, allowing the sizing is a little long, such as natural diamond die sizing is generally 35% of the diameter of wire drawing die a 50%. short sizing belt, under normal use, but not allowed to wear work cone, wear sizing, sizing with belt wear, sizing belt will gradually increase, overheating drawing, burning powder lubricant, lubricating failure, and can lead to transformation of wire rod surface but at low speed; drawing, length and diameter of wire drawing die material with the heat deformation can soften the lubrication powder, and fluid boundary lubrication formed on the surface of steel wire. So the bearing length should be selected according to the drawing material, mold material, lubricating powder and drawing The process was determined by experiments.

The exit cone tapered design is intended to strengthen the export of wire drawing dies,die to prevent crushing, exit cone requirements for polishing treatment, and sizing with mild and smooth transition at the junction of the exit cone, metal debris or wire may scratch the surface and produce a large amount of pollution when drawing, lubrication powder, and may lead to obstruction of a mold population, cause the failure of drawing lubrication in the future.

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June 02, 2017

Cutting utilization rate of cemented carbide inserts is widelt used in China

Cemented carbide inserts are more and more widely used in metal cutting machine industry, as is known to all, the hard alloy is an alloy material, and is more difficult to melt the hard compound metal, and metal bonding, and then through the manufacturing process of metallurgy. Therefore, the hardness of cemented carbide is not only high, but also has good wear resistance, toughness, patience and corrosion resistance. Especially the high hardness and wear resistance of carbide inserts is very practical, even at five hundred degrees of high temperature will not change, at one thousand degrees of temperature, hardness is still a lot. Cemented carbide blades are second only to diamond, and hard alloy blades have excellent bending strength, as well as impact toughness and corrosion resistance, which are common to alloy blades.

In the use of cemented carbide cutting tools together,to promote the circuit board needs cutting speed, not too hard or too quickly, otherwise the circuit board and the blade will collide, causing the blade damage, there may be serious accidents.

The prosperity and development of the socialist market economy is the best embodiment of keeping pace with the times. As one of the most hard cutting tools, cemented inserts is a powerful cutting tool in the production and processing industry.Cemented carbide,as the tooth of modern industry, has a strong promoting effect on the manufacturing industry.

Cemented carbide inserts, as a cutting tool of wealth, is the most effective processing tool in modern manufacturing industry, and plays an important role in promoting social and economic development.carbide inserts belongs to powder metallurgy industry. It is a kind of alloy material made of refractory metal hard compound and bonding metal by powder metallurgy process.Cemented carbide has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance become the most important use. Chinese as hard alloy producer, is the world's manufacturing power, cutting of cemented carbide tool utilization rate is the most widely used, is the world's hard alloy cutting tools market share the most adequate positions, all countries are in the production of cemented carbide Chinese market as a long-term goal, this is both an opportunity and a challenge for us.

The requirement of economic globalization makes the increasingly fierce market competition show the obvious effect of survival of the fittest, and the development of cemented carbide blade market also needs to keep pace with the times and go on the front line of economic development. Chinese "12th Five-Year" planning has a significant guiding role to the social economy, especially on cemented carbide inserts, hard alloy tools using demand in front of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, domestic cemented carbide blade performance advantages plus the times is more and more obvious,Chinese cemented carbide industry is going from production power to power production.

The rapid development of social economy is the economic globalization reflect the increasingly obvious, the biggest achievement is the reform and opening up with the times, hard alloy blade with the times is the inevitable direction of the development of the whole hard alloy industry, market competition is the most direct expression.

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