June 22, 2017

The reasons why carbide saw blades are poor quality in China

China is the largest country in the world for carbide saw blades production,whereas saw declines in the prices, so many manufacturers because of low profits and discontinued collapse, while the foreign blade is quietly nearly 100 times the price to enter the market and sold well China.In my opinion, there are two reasons for the poor quality of China carbide saw blades.

Welding is very serious

We have investigated most manufacturers of tusngten carbide saw blades in China and found that the manufacturers of Chinese saw blades are trying hard to improve the quality of their products. The most noteworthy is the low quality China saw more than 80% manufacturers of the main problems in welding and plate, I have received the test sent over a domestic company, in a completely new circumstances, actually have a 30MM crack plate, if the blade is as high as 3000~8000 speed, completely may appear surprising results, not to mention what a good cutting effect: Welding fastness low, alloy brittle, alloy from oxidation, solder joints and other undesirable phenomena (welding method China above saw manufacture factory is currently using 80% current welding).

Another reason is that the Chinese people's own grinding machine is not accurate enough.

Chinese why companies do not want to buy imported advanced automatic welding equipment and grinding equipment? We found in China carbide saw blades mainly in the production of a large number of low cost advantages, mainly rely on exports to make operating companies in foreign countries are used in most low-end industries, most of its profits to foreign enterprises to earn. In order to change the quality of products, some enterprises in China have to sacrifice large amounts of money to buy fully automatic high-frequency welding equipment.Among them,5% of the enterprises have purchased fully automatic high-frequency welding equipment imported from Germany, and 5% of them have purchased fully automatic welding equipment in japan. The companies that bought fully automated equipment bought equipment and found that millions of dollars were not exported to foreign countries.The reason is that the quality of the imported high frequency welding equipment has been improved, but the output has not been improved, and the original advantages of Chinese enterprises have been lost. Coupled with the depreciation of machinery and export transportation costs after the product cost is very expensive, and overseas local production of alloy saw prices equally matched. Then, with China's manual high-frequency welding equipment, the same minimum cost, can produce more than 35 times the output of the saw blade. Obviously, China's products will soon dominate the market in the world. The Chinese don't have to spend a lot of money to buy foreign saw blades. For example, investing in a fully automatic high frequency welding equipment imported from abroad requires 700 thousand RMB, with a production capacity of 1200 sawtooth / h.Invest 700 thousand RMB to buy manual high-frequency welding equipment produced in China, the minimum output can also reach 42000 sawtooth / hour.

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