June 09, 2017

The influence of material of wire drawing dies on the length of sizing tape

In order to form a lubricating coating thicker in the surface of steel wire, lubrication cone surface does not need to be polished, in order to increase lubrication pressure, work cone is crucial part of the core structure, forming wire surface lubrication layer and plastic deformation in this area, working efficiency of wire drawing dies also depends on the geometry and work cone area, it must ensure that the work cone angle of the machining accuracy and surface finish.The work should be processed into linear cone type,the surface shall not have arc transition or smooth transition, and the work cone angle and sizing zone should be kept in the same axis, die diameter and die diameter should be concentric,so that can prevent elliptic phenomenon in wire drawing. The sizing effect is to control the wire diameter, roundness, parameters of flatness and surface quality.

In order to ensure product quality, sizing surface needs to be polished, and the sizing and cone and outlet cone interface remain parallel to each other, and strictly control the sizing tolerance. The sizing length is decided by drawing materials and mold materials, but is mainly determined by drawing materials. In general, the high carbon steel, the bearing length is about 25% of the diameter of a 35%, for soft materials (copper), sizing zone length is generally 50% of the diameter of a 100%.

In addition towire drawing diesmaterials on the sizing zone length will also have a certain impact, the friction coefficient is relatively large, the sizing can be a little shorter; the friction coefficient is small, allowing the sizing is a little long, such as natural diamond die sizing is generally 35% of the diameter of wire drawing die a 50%. short sizing belt, under normal use, but not allowed to wear work cone, wear sizing, sizing with belt wear, sizing belt will gradually increase, overheating drawing, burning powder lubricant, lubricating failure, and can lead to transformation of wire rod surface but at low speed; drawing, length and diameter of wire drawing die material with the heat deformation can soften the lubrication powder, and fluid boundary lubrication formed on the surface of steel wire. So the bearing length should be selected according to the drawing material, mold material, lubricating powder and drawing The process was determined by experiments.

The exit cone tapered design is intended to strengthen the export of wire drawing dies,die to prevent crushing, exit cone requirements for polishing treatment, and sizing with mild and smooth transition at the junction of the exit cone, metal debris or wire may scratch the surface and produce a large amount of pollution when drawing, lubrication powder, and may lead to obstruction of a mold population, cause the failure of drawing lubrication in the future.

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