June 14, 2017

The age of tungsten carbide drill bits is forthcoming

In the late 1980s, the main part of the drill used in all walks of life was a roll bit and a high speed steel drill.Of course, there are companies that are working on the "tungsten carbide drill bits". There was already a hard alloy bit on the market, but for technical reasons, it was limited to a large diameter bit. At that time, we have already foreseen the carbide path bit time must come, so only in a count of primary production is started development work in the corner. First, in order to make the drill bit, it must not be solder, it must be the integral bit. But, at that time, a lot of data need to manually calculate, for example, the ideal of groove shape design, shape of cutting edge design, etc., failure and repeated the test. In other words, it is now very common on the premise of data and the simulation of product development, at the time it is impossible, only by technical personnel's experience and feelings. After several years of development, the first bit of the "ZET1 bit" was born in 1987.

The quality of the carbide bit is good

It is important to note that, by the quality of tungsten carbide drill bits type and stratigraphic lithology, to speed up drilling speed and improve the single bit footage plays an important role. Drill more than a mouthful of oil and gas Wells typically use different size of the drill, the drill and the diameter of upper strata to use the drill bit, by bit drilling soft stratum, single bit footage, use the more time is short, a bit general reusable several Wells; In the lower strata of the drill, the smaller bit is used for the drill, and the drill is usually used with a bit of drill. The drill footage of a new drill bit depends mainly on the size of the drill, the type of the drill, the hardness of the formation and the fit of the drilling parameters. Generally speaking, the smaller the bit, the harder the ground, the less the footage. The larger the bit, the softer the ground, the more the drill bit.

At the time, about 70 percent of the market's customers were still using high speed steel drills, but we had confidence in the overall bit "ZET1 bit". Compared with the previous product, its processing efficiency is improved 5 times longer life expectancy, tools to 10 times, scraps discharge stability, excellent processing performance, can achieve a qualitative leap. However, the reality is the opposite of expectation, and the sales situation is not optimistic, for one reason is the price. Compared with the high speed steel drill, the price is about 30 times the price, and the product, which used to cost just 500 yen, now costs 15, 000 yen. Although the cost of each hole will eventually decline, and also can improve production efficiency, but the price is hard to let the customer accept the advantage of carbide bits  as a whole. Another reason is that the method and methods of using the whole drill are not known and must be trained from scratch. At that time, the introduction to use of the overall tungsten carbide drill bits no pause of machine tools, there are few customers and machine tool manufacturers also help us to use a method to the customer together. Many reported that some customers to use the method of high speed steel drill bit to use cemented carbide drill whole, result the collapse edge, so we to each customer to provide the detailed information. In addition, unlike the high speed steel bit, the drill is not considered to be ground again, so the combination of hard alloy tools also needs to be taught to the customer. The sales activities very to spend time with knowledge, but through these practical activities, finally will "ZET1 bit" in the auto industry as the center of the spread between the masses of customers. In retrospect, after the hard, finally won the customers for our understanding of the product advantages and praise, this kind of achievement feeling now I remember.

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