May 24, 2017

Systematic development of tungsten carbide cutting tools

Due to the high impact of high speed and high impact load on high speed milling,tungsten carbide cutting toolscan withstand the risk of breakage and fatigue at high speed. It turns out that in the case of repeated rotating load, 30% of the stress can cause the carbide to be damaged. So in high-speed cutting applications, the strength of the blades, the toughness and the resilience are the primary considerations. In addition, the high speed cutting tool material requirements: the blade surface quality and overall material of very low density of defects, and consistent with the subtle structural and fine grain size is the same important. Cutting material containing Cobalt (Cobalt) component of the higher, the greater the toughness and the fracture resistance of materials, the smaller the grain size, the higher the wear resistance, but in the process of cutting when the temperature increases, deformation resistance will be reduced. In the above tests, a typical tungsten carbide material is suitable for the application of aluminum materials for aerospace applications. A microstructure of a tungsten carbide type, WC -6co, shows the compact structure of uniform and fine grinding without alloy square particles. The uniform grain is about 1 mu m, and the hardness is analysed to 1630 HV30.

Crater wear, flank wear, the devolop tumor, edge defect and gap abrasion are the blades in the early failure of the main topic, and reduces the surface quality of workpiece materials. A surface polishing process called "mircrofinish", which USES a mirror (surface polished) blade, can reduce the wear and tear of the crescent, the edge defect and the debris tumor. The tool series did not use a special coating in the test,and all the tungsten carbide cutting toolswere carried out under uncoated conditions.

It has to be said that a revolutionary carbide blade design method has improved the quality of the structural components of the space industry and the surface surface of similar artifacts. By the blade, blade, blade axial ready-made tolerance,and in the process of cutting tool deformation produced by the deviation, can be used to the elliptical structure to a certain degree of compensation, and at the same time avoid the sharp edge of blade structure and formed by two milling knife pitch. (chip breaker with large positive rake Angle trough) and V groove design can make the cutting speed and feed the ascent to 7000 cubic centimeter clearance volume per minute, and maintain the good surface quality and smoothness. The design of the v-shaped slot allows the blade to withstand a strong centrifugal force, at a high speed of 40, 000 RPM. To achieve the reliable cutting process and the best surface finish, the additional factors such as the effect and vibration are also considered. Especially the analysis of the vibration, this is common in machining of tungsten carbide cutting toos and the spindle system of special natural resonance frequency excitation, increase the understanding of its technology application in the cutting tool performance and make a more correct guess. Light alloy aerospace applications thin-walled components, through the special design of carbide blade shape, selection of tungsten carbide and body set, make the processing application more effective, more productive, and at the same time to obtain a better surface quality. But in high performance (high quantity of chip removal) advances in the application of feeding and cutting speed, cutting tools, lathe spindle and manufacturers still faces from stability, the spindle design, process control system and security of each category of new challenge.

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