July 12, 2017

Simple method for making tungsten drill bits on one’s own efforts

How do you find the proper carbide drill? Number of drilling machine parts for quenching far a matter, but often encountered in the work, such as: stamping die interrupt the socket head cap screw, or car rear plate spring and so on, it's about 45 HRC hardness, generally have difficulty in drilling bit out, and present the right carbide drill to buy less than, here introduces a simple method of self-made tungsten drill bits.


If less than 2 mm of carbide blade can be found,such as lathe operator with thin cut blade, if differences comfortable again,available general carbide insert the right to use the blade to cut thread cutting machine,and then press the appended drawings style of welding on the corresponding round bar, pipe's such as drill hole a little bit small,at least as large as the aperture. It can be used after manual roughing.If the diameter of the borehole is accurate, it can be used for grinding (tool grinding machine) and then grinding out the cutting geometry and chip groove by hand. And the drilling top Angle is slightly smaller than the normal bit, should be fixed with a small horizontal blade, make the hole easily hollow, prevent wobble. This type of drill can only be used for drilling hardened parts with deep holes. Socket head cap screw is broken in the hole, for example, bit diameter can be ground into a bit smaller than the bolt diameter is ok, such as drill M10 of screw, grinding to diameter Ø 7.8 ~ Ø 8. The maximum speed can be used when drilling holes. Just can't long time drilling,to keep back drill chip removal: drill pipe cooling appropriately, prevent oxygen welding the blade loss due to high temperature, the other main point can be reference to "hardened steel drilling are described.

In addition,tungsten drill bits is zero and negative front Angle, which is precisely the front Angle feature of hard alloy blade when cutting high strength materials and rough machining.


At present due to the evolution of cemented carbide manufacturing technology,fine grain of material to make the toughness of tungsten drill bitsis improved greatly, advanced coating technology makes the bit cutting performance is greatly improved, and the innovation of the cutting tool structure made up for the inadequacy of cemented carbide manufacturability is poor,which can produce large size and complex blade bit.


So in recent years, some famous foreign tool company, such as Walter, Kennametal, Sandvik, Seco has successively introduced all kinds of solid carbide drill bits, such as solid carbide drill bits, drilling of deep hole length to diameter ratio is as high as 70, it USES the XD technology, can be drilled in the process of deep hole without return, cooling through the cooling hole inside, and do not require any special cooling device), indexable insert carbide drill bit and removable nipple type products, such as covered with small diameter, large diameter and large length to diameter ratio, and other fields, due to its high efficiency, long life and high quality and a bit more than half a markets, especially in the production of some modern high degree online, traditional HSS twist drill has faded from people field of vision, gradually replaced by high productivity of cemented carbide drill.Therefore,tungsten drill bits are the trend of the future bit development.

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