August 08, 2017

Several cases for grinding of carbide saw blade

Generally speaking,the carbide saw blade consists of two parts: saw board and cemented carbide saw blade. Hard alloy saw blade is basically exported at the moment. Fine alloy particles used in the blade thicker, larger, because that kind of alloy saw blade by grinding, frequently use full long, cemented carbide riveting quality also is very main,weld thin and well-balanced,as on the saw blade can accept bigger cutting force. The quality of saw blade is often the main one. As the saw blade is in the air, it will not only transmit the cutting force but also maintain the stability of the task. The quality saw blade not only has the dynamic amount of time and time and the accuracy, but also the static characteristics of it.

With corundum saw blades,on the other hand,when the saw blade cutting in succession, alloy saw blade cutting of heat will spread to sawing plate, reduce a measure of the sawing plate, excellent sawing plate under such conditions can also maintain the precision of the position, and poor quality of the saw blade sawing plate buckling will attack, reaction to the cutting precision.

Carbide saw blade as carbide cutting tools products is designed for cutting and grooving of metal material,It is the most commonly used cutting wood products processing, the quality of the carbide saw blade has close relationship with the quality of processed products.It is of great significance to use hard alloy saw blade correctly to improve product quality, shorten processing cycle and reduce processing cost.

If poor quality metal saw blades are selected, the following methods may be needed to repair them. So when is the carbide saw blade needed to grind?


In case of any of the following conditions, the carbide saw blade shall be repaired in time:


1) cutting quality no longer meets the requirements;

2) when the energy consumption of sawing machine is obviously increased;

3) the edges of the cutting materials have obvious detonation;

4) carbide saw blade wear reaches 0.2 mm grinding in time is very important, because the passivation of the saw blade edge at work,because the resistance increase, easy to cause a shaking of the saw blade,increasing the motor load,the saw blade and machine will cause damage.To continue cutting at passivation, each additional 10% of the cut will result in an additional 50% of the alloy damage. Shorten the service life of the saw blade.

Grinding of carbide saw blade:


1) it adopts precision, stable and non-vibrating sharpening machine, as well as suitable diamond grinding wheel, which can be repaired and used in accordance with the prescribed operating procedures to improve the service life of the saw blade. If the manual edge grinding equipment is used, the precise limit device and the end jump of the test tooth top are required.

2) remove the resin, debris and other debris from the saw blade before the grinding.

3) the cutting edge of the blade should be strictly followed by the original geometric design of the blade, and it is suggested that the cutting edge and back Angle of the blade should be used at the same time to increase the number of grinding times. Maximum service life.

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