May 18, 2017

market prospects of ungsten carbide powder is better off, steady and strong

A sound and effective market regulation mechanism and indirect regulation of tungsten industry policy will be conducive to environmental protection. To increase the production specification mining tungsten supply gap makes most of tungsten concentrate holding the goods cover Xishou mentality increasingly strong, tungsten concentrate prices high stalemate.

Downstream of the tungsten carbide alloy from the market performance in general, enterprises and products factory new orders is not much, but the cost is behind the leading price; tungsten materials market turnover flat. The price of tungsten carbide powderdespite a slight boost, but the downstream demand is not increased significantly, the market transactions to complete pre orders for the Lord, so the short-term market will be stable in tungsten carbide powderstrong. Indicates that the tungsten market will toward healthy and stable direction, the market will follow in the footsteps of tungsten carbide powder, the prospects for the better.

tungsten carbide powderwith tungsten oxide as raw materials, reduction with hydrogen in four tube muffle furnace or multi furnace, particle size from 0.6-30 microns. The main points of coarse, fine granularity, few, silver powder, impurity content based on the national standard.

Made by hydrogen reduction of tungsten trioxide or ammonium paratungstate. Prepared by hydrogen reduction process of tungsten carbide powderwas generally divided into two stages: the first stage in the 500 ~ 700oC temperature, were reduced to two tungsten oxide; second stage in the 700 ~ 900oC temperature, two tungsten oxide also into tungsten carbide powder. Redox reactions often in tubular furnace or rotary furnace.

The performance reduction of tungsten carbide powder(such as purity, particle size, particle size etc.) depends mainly on the reduction process. The reduction of tungsten carbide powderin tube furnace, the main parameters affecting the reduction rate is reducing temperature, loading amount of tungsten oxide in burning boat, boat speed, the water content in hydrogen flow and hydrogen gas. With the increase of reduction temperature, the particle size of tungsten carbide powderbecame thick.

Preparation of tungsten carbide powderin hydrogen reduction method, and early used tungsten oxide carbon reduction method, tungsten carbide powderpurity reduction temperature is higher than the 1050oC. obtained by this method is low. In addition, using aluminum, calcium, zinc and other working process of tungsten oxide is in progress. For the special use and high requirement purity, ultra fine grained tungsten carbide powder, tungsten chloride is the development of the hydrogen reduction of tungsten carbide powdersize to be less than 0.05 M.

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