June 02, 2017

Cutting utilization rate of cemented carbide inserts is widelt used in China

Cemented carbide inserts are more and more widely used in metal cutting machine industry, as is known to all, the hard alloy is an alloy material, and is more difficult to melt the hard compound metal, and metal bonding, and then through the manufacturing process of metallurgy. Therefore, the hardness of cemented carbide is not only high, but also has good wear resistance, toughness, patience and corrosion resistance. Especially the high hardness and wear resistance of carbide inserts is very practical, even at five hundred degrees of high temperature will not change, at one thousand degrees of temperature, hardness is still a lot. Cemented carbide blades are second only to diamond, and hard alloy blades have excellent bending strength, as well as impact toughness and corrosion resistance, which are common to alloy blades.

In the use of cemented carbide cutting tools together,to promote the circuit board needs cutting speed, not too hard or too quickly, otherwise the circuit board and the blade will collide, causing the blade damage, there may be serious accidents.

The prosperity and development of the socialist market economy is the best embodiment of keeping pace with the times. As one of the most hard cutting tools, cemented inserts is a powerful cutting tool in the production and processing industry.Cemented carbide,as the tooth of modern industry, has a strong promoting effect on the manufacturing industry.

Cemented carbide inserts, as a cutting tool of wealth, is the most effective processing tool in modern manufacturing industry, and plays an important role in promoting social and economic development.carbide inserts belongs to powder metallurgy industry. It is a kind of alloy material made of refractory metal hard compound and bonding metal by powder metallurgy process.Cemented carbide has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance become the most important use. Chinese as hard alloy producer, is the world's manufacturing power, cutting of cemented carbide tool utilization rate is the most widely used, is the world's hard alloy cutting tools market share the most adequate positions, all countries are in the production of cemented carbide Chinese market as a long-term goal, this is both an opportunity and a challenge for us.

The requirement of economic globalization makes the increasingly fierce market competition show the obvious effect of survival of the fittest, and the development of cemented carbide blade market also needs to keep pace with the times and go on the front line of economic development. Chinese "12th Five-Year" planning has a significant guiding role to the social economy, especially on cemented carbide inserts, hard alloy tools using demand in front of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, domestic cemented carbide blade performance advantages plus the times is more and more obvious,Chinese cemented carbide industry is going from production power to power production.

The rapid development of social economy is the economic globalization reflect the increasingly obvious, the biggest achievement is the reform and opening up with the times, hard alloy blade with the times is the inevitable direction of the development of the whole hard alloy industry, market competition is the most direct expression.

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