May 27, 2017

Carbide dies as high-quality dies are developing towards high-end market

The cemented carbide dieshas basically been serialized and standardized. From the development of recent years, the research and design theory of cemented carbide die in China has been further, more scientific and more widely applied. Along with the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, with the tide of economic globalization, China on equipment manufacturing industry especially the high-end equipment manufacturing industry put forward new requirements, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China, the corresponding mold and the equipment manufacturing industry is closely connected to the standard industry, high-end hard alloy mould products market needs and requirements attendant. Industrial developed countries attach great importance to the development of standard parts for high-end cemented carbide die, especially high quality carbide mould standard parts. Mold standard parts can guarantee the quality of industrial products. As China's economy has entered a stable period, the gradual optimization of industrial structure, the quality of industrial products like requirements is also more and more high, this to the standard mold requirements are increasingly high, hard alloy mould China mold standard parts to the high-end market is the inevitable trend of development.

Cemented carbide dies is a very important alloy product. It can be used in many places, such as cutting tools, and it is also used in mining and road engineering. It has a very good hardness, and very wear-resistant, but in the process of use, there are many places to pay attention to. Before using the carbide die, read the relevant information in detail, and be proficient in the operation so as not to panic in case of an emergency. Secondly, in the process of normal operation of the machine, it is necessary to make good monitoring of the equipment status, and if it fails, it can be found and eliminated as soon as possible. It is also important to note that the operator should wear overalls and work caps to prevent accidents. In the process of machine operation, especially in the process of moving, you should pay attention to the surrounding environment, and avoid trees such as trees, wires and so on.

Uninterrupted operation of cemented carbide dies in practical applications often has a long time, so the equipment in use for a long period of time even after the failure should be suspended for a period of time, and do a good job of equipment inspection and maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Forming manufacturing technology and processing technology, mold manufacturing process of modern hard alloy has been very simplified,the standard mold parts, not only the accuracy, quality has been able to meet the requirements of assembly, and can purchase from the market, forming a blank, including forging, rolling template, can also purchase from the market.

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