June 28, 2017

Carbide cutting tools are not widely used in production

The hard turning has been carried out by using carbide cutting tools. After more than ten years' development and popularization, this technology has gained great economic and social benefits. In the following, taking roll processing and other industries as an example, the application of superhard cutting tools in production is illustrated. Many large enterprises have used roll superhard tool of chilled cast iron and hardened steel roll and other types of vehicles, shortage of machining and fine turning, achieved good benefits:the average processing efficiency is improved from 2 to 6 times, saving processing time and power from 50% to 80%. Such as the Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation HS60 to roll factory on the hardness of chilled cast iron roll rough turning, 80 semi refined car when the cutting speed is increased by 3 times, each car 1 rolls, saving power, labor costs more than 400 yuan,saving tool costs nearly one hundred yuan, achieved tremendous economic benefits. I like school with FD22 metal ceramic cutting tool HRC58 ~ 63 86CrMoV7 hardened steel roller (Vc=60m/min, f=0.2mm/r, ap=0.8mm), single blade continuous cutting roller path up to 15000m (tool flank wear width VBmax=0.2mm belt), to meet the requirements of the car instead of grinding.

At present, 70% - 80% of super - hard cutting tools have been used in domestic slurry pump factories. Slurry pump is widely used in mines, power and other industries. It is an urgent need at home and abroad, and its sheath and cover plate are HRC63 - 67 Cr15Mo3 high - hardness iron castings. In the past, it was difficult to make this material because of various cutting tools. Therefore, the process of annealing, softening,roughing, and then quenching must be adopted. After the use of ultra hard tools, a successful hardening has been achieved,eliminating annealing and quenching 2 processes, saving a lot of hours and power.

In automobile and tractor industry in the crankshaft, cam shaft, drive shaft processing, processing and maintenance tools, measuring equipment, processing problems often encountered hardened workpiece. If a vehicle factory in China, in the maintenance of the equipment required to process the bearing inner ring, the inner ring of the bearing (GCr15 steel) the hardness is HRC60, the inner diameter is f285mm, the grinding process, the grinding allowance is not uniform,2h can wear; and with super hard tools, only use 45min processing an inner ring.

After years of research and exploration,China has made great progress in carbide cutting tools, but the application of superhard cutting tools is still not widespread. The main reasons are as follows: production enterprises and operators do not know enough about the effect of using hard tools to make hard turning. It is generally believed that hard materials can only be grinded, and that the tool cost is too high. The first hard cutting tool cost than ordinary carbide cutting tools (such as high PCBN hard alloy is more than 10 times more expensive than ordinary), but its share in each part than the cost of grinding is low, and the benefits are much better than ordinary hard alloy;not enough research on the machining mechanism of superhard cutting tool;superhard cutting tool processing specification is not enough to guide the production practice.

Therefore, in addition to in-depth study on the machining mechanism of carbide cutting tools,we must also strengthen the training, the successful experience of demonstration of superhard cutting tool machining knowledge and strict operation regulations, the processing method of the high efficient, clean and more applied to actual production.

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