July 27, 2017

Application of carbide cutting tools in automobile processing

How to optimize the drilling cycle without affecting the processing safety? Which processing strategy will shorten the cutting cycle by a second or two? These are the major challenges facing the auto industry.

How to deal with these challenges and the characteristics of drilling and threading processes in the automotive industry. Generally speaking, the materials used in the automobile industry are regular, mainly cast iron,carbide cutting tools,cast steel and forging.But the structure of the workpiece is extremely complicated, and the production efficiency, tolerances and surface quality of the workpiece are also very challenging.

If from these challenges,a series of turnkey tools are provided for the typical thread of the specific hole type and engine cylinder block, cylinder head, shell and crankshaft.

Dealing with complex car applications

460 - XM CoroDrill twist drill with 140 degrees point Angle, good centering function and smaller thrust, CoroDrill 460 - XM can provide excellent performance in many applications. The stability of tool life is beneficial to ensure reasonable inventory. Fine cemented carbide materials ensure a balance of hardness and toughness, good wear resistance and good service life. Two steps can be accomplished through a process that greatly benefits complex automotive applications.

Applicable to a wide range of applications

Diameter: 3-25mm (0.118-1.016-inch)

Drilling depth capacity: 8 times diameter

Internal cooling fluid and external coolant

Standard classification and carbide cutting tools

It is suitable for the large diameter drop hole which is required by the automobile industry

CoroDrill 400 straight flute drill with 120 degrees point Angle is optimized and is suitable for the complicated steps borehole diameter. Due to the support of the complex transitional form between the step holes, the drill can provide maximum performance when drilling the cylinder block and cylinder cover. Compared with the conventional spiral flute, the CoroDrill 400 is well suited to the machining of the step hole which is common in the automobile industry.

The CoroDrill 865 crankshaft oil hole drilling can provide an efficient solution for automobile iron parts and steel parts (especially crankshaft). CoroDrill 865 a series of characteristics, such as reduced apex Angle (more accurate centering), optimization of the Angle and first Angle characteristics (feed can be higher, chip removal more smoothly), increases the blade belt width (stability), update the spiral groove type (chip forming,carbide cutting tools strength higher) more effectively,make the production efficiency and tool life are improved.Adopting effective processing strategies and matching with controlled coolant or MQL is the key to ensuring success.

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